Tuesday, March 28, 2006

BSOP March Heat 3

Most light hearted game i have played in a long while. Do not get me wrong, it was as competitive as most games i play but with a laugh and a joke ... especially at me as i will mention shortly. 7 of the 9 drawn turned up with roryc thankfully assuming role of dealer. Ollieboy, Waylander, DeVore, Ghoilmoli and ocallagh made up the rest of the table.

With starting stacks of 3000 I started off slowly, limped couple of times and folded to action. Ghoilmoli was on my immediate right which as things materialised seemed to be a mixture of a hinderence but more of a blessing. His involvement and raising pushed me off some mediocre hands that i might have played in such circumstances as a 7 seater STT.

Was down to 2500 with blinds of 50/100 when i pick up 88 utg, where i call and DeVore and Ghoilmoli complete. Flop comes 235, Ehsan (ghoilmoli) makes a bet of 200 into a 300 pot and i raise to 800, Dev folds and i get a caller. Turn was a 4, not a card i wanted to see. Ehsan checked and i had a little think and checked behind. River was an A, straight on the board .. check by Ehsan, i quickly raise 1000 and almost as quick an all in by Ehsan who by now had me well covered. All i could think was why did i bet as those little voices in my head were telling me to check ... so i had a decision. In theory i knew i had to put my chips in but the longer i though about it, coupled with the cards Eshan had been playing, I was starting to put him on one of the 6's and to be really honest i ended up putting him on a suited 67. As pot commited as I was and after paying €20 for a taxi from work and having not slept in 24 hours due to drunken poker activities I folded to ensure staying in the game and Ehsan turned over 25. Good read - not!

What i found more humorous were the goadings and laughter of the other 5 players! Thats what poker is all about .. it really is a social game. Anyhow, im left with 600 chips and am the shortstack and on the blinds. Waylander was card dead in seat 3 and ocallagh was never hitting with his hands. Just as the blinds pass I get dealt QQ and after Dev and Ehsan limp, I go all in and they both call and with a 9 high checked board i treble up. Next hand i get AJ suited clubs and couple more limpers I go all in again. Dev thinks and says later he folded 88, not an orbit later a see QQ again and Dev decides and calls and does not like when i say i had a "little better" than my AJ previous as he turns over the AJc and i continue my good fortune.

Timing of big hands saved me in this heat as i had nowhere near my A game with me, with Ehsan massive chip leader but in a rush to go to become the inaugural Best of the Net weekly tribecca champion, myself and Ollie called his all in move on the bubble with 99 and KK and checked our way into the monthly final where hopefully we can make a few more points and hopefully some money too!